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Emma's WindOw | via TumblrAnother 🐶This week I’ve been sick and off work with a horrid flu bug. It’s really messed me up and I was ill on my birthday 😦 BOO! Which meant missing afternoon tea with friends, it’s also halted my plans for a Valentines outfit post… But I could not let this flu get the better of me, for any longer. Here are some romantic and whimsical images I found across the internet. I hope they put you in a loving mood! Be sure to smile or say hi to a stranger today, you never know it might make their week! Share the love.flower crowns r perf xx❤️Backstreet's backlove  | via TumblrFeb 14decor💕burningFlowers crowns and music Cute puppyValentine's Day (for me) = reading a Jane Austen's book :)Follow me at TwitterFacebook and Tumblr.

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